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Being an MBA graduate by trade, my relationship with spices only really began after marriage. Being married to a foodie who loves to cook has made me more aware of how high-quality spices affect the flavor and consistency of the cuisine. After Covid, my husband and I began exploring the numerous spice plantations in our nation with the intention of bringing them all together under one roof. This was the beginning of our Spiceroadz journey. We travelled all the roads that would have led us to the areas covered in the most sought-after, top-notch spices. I've always been a people person, and my ultimate goal is to introduce people to products that are chemical-free and promote healthy living.
โ€œHealthy food is a combination of all the ingredients used to prepare it.โ€ Good food is a marriage between Aromatic spices and pure oil seasoned with lots of love. The result was the birth of โ€œSPICE ROADZโ€. Our store is the matrimonial place where you can choose the alliance between Pure Cold Pressed Oils and Pure Aromatic Spices. The marriage altar for this alliance is your kitchen. We provide a Pure, Unadulterated and Healthy lifestyle to everyone.
A vivid traveler with a unique sense of taste. Grew up in a household which is called a โ€œFood Factoryโ€ which landed me into experimenting with food and taste. Started cooking at an early age helping my mom who is a passionate cook. It is this love for food that made me travel across major states in India in the search of high-quality spices.

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100% Natural & High Quality Products

100% of our procurement is made visiting places where the product is best produced. We do direct purchasing where we visit the location of produce and purchase material after inspection, thereby giving our Customers the Best Quality Product available in the market.

Any Time, Anywhere Delivery

With our delivery partners, we reach out to customers all over India. We can deliver in around 21000 Pincodes in India.

Keeps Your Family Healthy

With our Promise of Unadulterated and Genuine Agricultural Produce, you can be assured that your Family remains Healthy.

Clean, Fresh and Safety

We have a scheduled routine cleaning and inspection process for all products within our stock to ensure that our customers always get Clean & Fresh Produce.


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    I never knew dry fruits could be purchased online. I could discover a lot of them which were alien to me before and they taste much better than the ones I knew. Posted on Today
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    I was not a great fan of dry fruits until I tasted this high-quality ones I bought from this online website. My views have surely changed. Posted on Today